NUTRAMIST Single Head Fog Module w/ Key tool & Extra replacement disc

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Single Head Hydroponic Fogger
These hydroponic foggers & aeroponic foggers are adaptable to many horticultural applications including root fogging, foliar feeding, growroom & greenhouse humidity generation even ultra low volume / ULV pesticide application. These ultrasonic foggers are the ultimate aid to propagation and production as they can be used to create the perfect environment below and above "ground level" for plants to grow.

For a complete aeroponic fogger and hydroponic fogger, See also Nutramist Aeroponic Fog Generator

Our aeroponic foggers offer the exclusive benefit of having teflon coated ultrasonic transducers, specifically designed for use with dissolved nutrient solutions, so they help prevent salt buildup which causes premature failure. This does not mean that our foggers will turn muddy water into mist however! You must NOT use with any nutrients or supplements which are not 100% water soluble and leave no visible residue or the fogger will not operate properly. Ultrasonic foggers will also sterilize your nutrient solution so adding live bacterial cultures will serve no purpose since the NUTRAMIST fogger is already sterilizing your solution for you.

The aeroponic fogger / hydroponic fogger operates by oscillating at a frequency of approximately 2 MHZ which is two million vibrations per second. At this frequency, water is nebulized into a cold fog / dry fog which can support the needs of plants using an ultra low volume / ULV of water and nutrients. Another benefit of our aeroponic fogger / hydroponic fogger is that it generates an extremely small droplet that averages only 4 microns which is small enough to be absorbed by roots and leaves on contact, which is why it can be effective using only an ultra low volume of solution. In fact, most growers report optimal results with only half the concentration of nutrient solution they've used in the past.

There is simply nothing else like it on the market specifically designed for horticultural applications.


  • Average droplet size <5 microns
  • Exclusive - Teflon coated ceramic transducers for reliable operation with nutrient solutions - free of corrosion and salt buildup.
  • Includes 120V AC to 24V DC wall outlet adapter for low voltage operation
  • 19.2W power consumption
  • CE. UL. CUL. GS. CSA. listed.
  • Misting disk size: (1) x 20mm
  • Consumption approx 3.6 oz. or 110 mL/hr.
  • Fogger head size 1.5" diameter x 1.75" tall
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