Green Machine 20
High Density Hydroponics & Aeroponic System
Hydroponics, hydroponic system, Aeroflo, Aeroflow, indoor gardening
Green Machine 20 with 400W HPS/MH switchable Super Sun lamp and stand growing Romaine lettuce.
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Maximum Crop Density
The Green Machine provides growers with the highest crop density per square foot, which helps maximize yields in small spaces; indoors under lights, and outdoors under the sun.
Hydroponics, hydroponic system, Aeroflo, Aeroflow, indoor gardening
Hydroponics, hydroponic system, Aeroflo, Aeroflow, indoor gardening
Hydroponics, hydroponic system, Aeroflo, Aeroflow, indoor gardening
Green Machine 20 $
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Green Machine w/ 400W HPS/MH Switchable Super Sun $
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Hydroponics, hydroponic system, Aeroflo, Aeroflow, indoor gardening
Hydroponics, hydroponic system, Aeroflo, Aeroflow, indoor gardening
Hydroponics, hydroponic system, Aeroflo, Aeroflow, indoor gardening

Highest Crop Density Attainable
The Green Machine is constructed of 5 inch square chambers containing five grow sites spaced 6-½ on-center. This tight spacing enables growers to maximize crop density, which directly affects overall yield. Included with the Green Machine are site plugs that seal off any unused sites. Commercial growers frequently take advantage of this feature when using one Green Machine as a nursery for seedlings and cuttings before moving them to other Green Machines (with site plugs installed) for greater spacing.

hydroponics system
Green Machine's hybrid aero-hydroponic method simultaneously nurtures plant roots with a fine spray and highly oxygenated nutrient bath.

Incredible Growth
The Green Machine employs a hybrid of aeroponic and hydroponic methods, which gives growers interested in high density and fast growth the best of both worlds. The water level within each growth chamber can be individually adjusted. A high water level is used to coax cuttings to root, and for starting seedlings; a lower water level is used to maximize root zone oxygenation while maturing plants.

Simple Operation
The Green Machine is easily stocked, and makes caring for your crop so easy and painless, a child could do it. A handy garden hose connection drains and fills the generous reservoir while simultaneously cleaning the filter. The units assemble and break down in minutes, which make off-season storage a snap. The optional light stand attachment makes gardening indoors easier than ever with the use of an optional HID lamp (250-430W recommended).

Hobby and Commercial Use
Whether you are a homeowner who wants to grow fresh food or flowers in record time, or a busy chef who demands only the finest culinary herbs, the Green Machine delivers consistent results with minimal effort. Sturdy UV treated PVC construction insures your Green Machine will keep performing for years on end. Even the mag drive pumps can easily be rebuilt without tools.

Hydroponics, hydroponic system, Aeroflo, Aeroflow, indoor gardening
All accessories included - Just Add Water!

Green Machines Come Complete
Everything you need to get growing right away is included with your Green Machine. Just add water and your favorite seeds or cuttings, and watch your garden grow, and grow, and grow!

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Our Complete Green Machine Product Line Includes;
Green Machine 20
consists of 4 3' aero-hydroponic growth chambers, each with 5 grow sites. 20 gallon reservoir, chamber stand (light stand is optional). Indoors use with 250-400W HID lamp. Growth area measures 19" by 26", garden with stand and reservoir measure 32" x 43" overall. Includes: cups, LECA stones, perfect starts, pump, filter, reservoir, stand, instruction booklet, 32 oz. Above & Beyond starter kit. May be used with a 400W HID grow light. Overall measurements are 29" L x 20" W x 17" H.

Green Machine Light Stand
Forget hanging lamps from the ceiling, this convenient attachment screws right into your Green Machine garden stand and will support reflectors up to 30 pounds, keeping your garden completely portable. Comes complete with jack chains for hanging your light and assembles in minutes. Measures 6' 8" (80") high when attached to Green Machine stand, and can be shortened easily. Shown at top of page installed on the Green Machine 20.

Green Machine Aero Growth Modules
Want to build your own Green Machine? Use our prefabricated 3 and 4.5ft growth modules to save time and insure professional results. Prices include all internal plumbing and adjustable drain tube. Reservoir, pump and instructions not included. Refer to How-To Hydroponics for more information on building your own system with these parts.
New! - Green Machine 20 w/ 400W HPS/MH Switchable Super Sun
This is the ideal package for those wishing to get up and growing fast with the Green Machine 20 and Sunlight Supply's top of the line switchable lighting system.