Aerospring Aeroponic Systems
FutureGarden's Most Popular System is Now Expandable
Aeroponics, aeroponic systems, hydroponics, Aerospring aeroponics
Aerospring Package shown here with a full crop of habanero and chile peppers grown under a 250W HPS Sun System II with light stand.
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New & Improved!
Now includes Air Pump and Air Stone for greater growth!

Rocket Fast Growth!
Our best selling aeroponic gardens grow plants faster, larger, and more full of flowers and fruit than in soil, or other hydroponic methods.

Fastest Growth
Aeroponically grown plants have shown to grow up to ten times faster than those grown in soil. This explosive growth is achieved by subjecting the root system to an intensely oxygenated nutrient spray that boosts their metabolic activity without stress. Futuregarden's Aerospring line employs the aeroponic method to speed the growth of all your favorite plants, flowers and fruit bearers.
Aeroponics, aeroponic systems, hydroponics, Aerospring aeroponics
Aeroponics, aeroponic systems, hydroponics, Aerospring aeroponics
Aeroponics, aeroponic systems, hydroponics, Aerospring aeroponics
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Aerospring $
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Aeroponics, aeroponic systems, hydroponics, Aerospring aeroponics
Aeroponics, aeroponic systems, hydroponics, Aerospring aeroponics
Aeroponics, aeroponic systems, hydroponics, Aerospring aeroponics
Aeroponics, aeroponic systems, hydroponics, Aerospring aeroponics
A healthy root system is vital to support vigorous plant growth, and to help protect from infestation and disease.

Healthy Plants = Hearty Harvests
Plants grown in Aerospring gardens are fed an optimal diet that is targeted to promote both the vegetative and reproductive stages of growth. It is this combination of optimal diet and intense root zone oxygenation that allows plants to achieve their full genetic potential, insuring bountiful harvests of leafy greens, flowers, and fruits. Each Aerospring garden comes with Futuregarden's easy to use Liquid Earth nutrient system, designed to deliver the results you expect, harvest after harvest.

Picture Perfect Plants
Whether you wish to grow award winning flowers and ornamentals, or a garden overflowing with salad greens and vegatables, the Aerospring gardens can't be beat, thanks to their simple design and ease of maintenance. Since healthy plants have stronger natural defenses, plants are less susceptible to infestation, and the diseases that prey on weaker plants.

Aeroponics, aeroponic systems, hydroponics, Aerospring aeroponics
All accessories are included—Just Add Water!

Shorten Maturation Cycles
Studies show that Aeroponically grown plants can reach full maturity sooner than their soil-grown counterparts, so you can reap what you sow in record time. Another benefit Aerospring growers enjoy is the ability to quickly fine-tune the feeding regimen to further maximize either vegetative, or reproductive growth.

Compact, Self-Contained Gardens
The Aerospring® is compact enough to set up just about anywhere indoors or out. The new expansion kit, now available for the full size Aerospring, allows you to grow twice as much for considerably less than purchasing two separate Aerospring units.

Aerospring Gardens Come Complete
Everything you need to get growing right away is included with your Aerospring aeroponic garden. Just add water and your favorite seeds or cuttings, and watch your garden grow, and grow, and grow!

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Our Complete Aerospring Product Line Includes;

Aerospring Aeroponic Garden
Our full-sized Aerospring is the perfect aeroponic system for indoor gardening in a sunny window or with a grow light. It features a generous reservoir capacity of 15 gallons, and will support up to eight plants with the option of capping off unused grow sites if additional plant spacing is required. 32" L x 20" W x 17" H.

Aerospring Expansion Kit
Double the capacity of Aerospring by adding this eight plant expansion module. A simple connection kit (included) allows both modules to run off the same pump. Perfect for those who wish to use a 400W or more grow light as the units measure 32" long and 44" wide when connected.

Aerospring Light Stand
Forget hanging lamps from the ceiling, now you can grow anywhere there's a floor. Designed to straddle the Aerospring and Aerospring Jr. aeroponic systems, they support reflectors up to 30 pounds. Comes complete, and assembles in minutes. The stand measures 6' 8" height (80"), however it is easily shortened to suit your needs.

New! Aerospring 250 W HPS Kit
A ready to grow kit with Sunlight System's 250W HPS System II lamp and Aeropsring light stand.
New! Aerospring 400W HPS Kit
Grow big with this perfect combination for light loving plants! Comes complete with Sunlight System's 400W HPS System II lamp and Aerospring light stand. Consider adding an Aerospring expansion kit to double your effective growing area and harvests.