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Customer Photos & Comments

hydroponic bananas
Don't let their small size fool you!
A customer gave us two 6 inch tall banana plants about 60 days before I took this picture in which they now reach just over 78" tall! How can so much plant grow is such a small container? The secret is the valve and the science is hydroponics. These dwarf variety plants should yield fruit in 2005. That is if they don't completely outgrow our manufacturer's showroom first.

- Photo Keith Roberto, For Futuregarden

Proof these plants are in these pots!
hydroponic bananas


hydroponic cucumbers, hydroponic tomatos, hydroponic peppers
The Simplest High Tech Garden Ever
Shown here is an 8-tray system in one of our staffmember's hobby greenhouse. Tomatos, cucumbers, peppers, and basil thrive nicely.

- Photo courtesy of Neil P, Amityville, NY

hydroponic cucumbers, hydroponic tomatos, hydroponic peppers
Autopots Outdoors With Automatic Filler
Outdoor installation featuring a connection to inground sprinkler to keep reservoir topped off. Tomatos, cucumbers and peppers grow up the vine lines suspended from the overhead trellis.

- Photo courtesy of Selma D, Asharoken, NY

hydroponic cucumbers, hydroponic tomatos, hydroponic peppers
Tomatos and Cucumbers From The Sky
Ingenious installation uses the layering technique to create a truly hanging garden that provides shade and fresh fruit.

- Photo courtesy of Jim Fah, Inventor AutoPots

Dear FutureGarden,
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my AutoPot. I tried it out last year mostly because of my limited space and desire to have some fresh tomatoes and basil at my ready disposal. As someone who definitely does NOT have a green thumb, I needed something that would thrive despite my gardening shortcomings. What I got was a virtually maintenance-free garden that provided delicious tomatoes and endless basil throughout the whole summer. The set up was so neat and attractive that it looked like landscaping! It's amazing how much came out of those two pots! I'm excited to be adding mint, cucumbers and peppers to my "landscape" this year!

- Lillian M, Seaford, NY

hydroponic baby salad greens hydroponic spring mix
Grow Virtually Anywhere
This photograph clearly shows you can enjoy garden fresh greens anywhere you have the space to place AutoPot modules.

- Beng Hoe Ooi, San Diego, CA

Fresh Food On Deck
We have a small backyard with a pool and deck and there is no exposed soil for a garden plot. Until we started using the AutoPot system, we were completely dependant on the local market. Now my wife and I enjoy fresh produce all summer long and the garden literally takes care of itself.

- Frank R, Bethpage, NY

Immediate Results
I purchased an AutoPot starter kit for my attempt at growing indoor tomato plants. The system is amazing, I have seen excellent growth after just a couple of days.

- Rich B. Lindenhurst, NY

Elmac Hydroponics
In Queensland, Australia, commercial growers, Elmac Hydroponics, converted over from rockwool slabs to the AutoPot. Citing less water and nutrient waste, they now have more than 1,200 AutoPots in production taking care of nearly 2,500 thriving tomato vines

- Photo courtesy Elmac Hydroponics, Australia

Use Indoors or Out
If you are tired of watering plants by hand, let the patented technology do it for you. An excellent way to build a maintenance free indoor plantscape!