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What is Hydroponics?

It is by far the best method for any form of indoor gardening.

Plants grown in soil-free gardens have the perfect balance of nutrients and water delivered directly to their roots. Crops are no longer forced to expend their limited energy searching for water and food. Instead, they grow faster, larger, and healthier; delivering the highest levels of vitamin content, flavor, color, and yield possible.

Your crops do not have to fight the diseases, fungi and pests found in soil, and plants mature unhampered by competing organisms. Additionally, healthy plants are less prone to insect infestation, so the use of toxic pesticides can be decreased, or even eliminated.

Your crop's water and nutrient needs is simpler and more effective, allowing greater control over the crop's lifecycle. Instead of having to guess what plants need, it will be evident. Without the unnecessary complexity of working in soil, a few simple measurements will quickly determine plant's water and nutrient requirements.

Soil-free gardens are all self-contained, so gardening can be just about anywhere; balconies, windows, rooftops, and even closets (with horticultural lighting, of course). An additional advantage of many soil-free gardens is they are raised. This puts an end to the eternal bending so many are familiar with.

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The Water Hyacynth has adapted to float above the water's
surface retreiving nutrients from the water with its dangling roots.