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Hydrogen Peroxide

Add Liquid Life To Your Garden

H2O2 is used to safely raise the level of dissolved Oxygen in nutrient and fertilizer solutions to stimulate growth and control harmful pathogens including pythium, rhizoctonia and phytophthora, the three most destructive organisms in the garden.

Once diluted according to directions on opposite panel, H2O2 may be used as a foliar spray, watered into pots and planters or added to hydroponics reservoirs to immediately start performing its intended functions.

Hydrogen Peroxide is naturally found in rain and snow. It is formed when water is exposed to Ozone (O3) in the upper atmosphere. When H2O2 comes in contact with organic impurities, the extra Oxygen molecule is released and oxidizes the impurity, rendering it harmless. The original H2O2 molecule then returns to water. Our own immune system produces and uses Hydrogen Peroxide to control bacteria and viruses inside our bodies everyday.

To comply with DOT regulations, our food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is 19% H2O2 by weight.

  • Enhances metabolism, protein development and overall growth
  • Safely rids growing mediums and nutrient solutions of harmful anaerobic bacteria
  • Helps maintain a healthy balance of dissolved Oxygen in nutrient reservoirs
  • Encourages germination and rooting of difficult to propagate plant species
  • Protects plants from the three most destructive disease causing pathogens



1 Gal. Hydrogen Peroxide 19%

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