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Gardening Indoors

Just look at those lush salad greens! The How-To Hydroponics HydroplanterTM garden is inexpensive, easy to build and powerful. It works by bathing your favorite plant's roots in oxygen and nutrient infused water. By "supercharging" the nutrient solution in this manner, increased metabolic activity will promote your plants energy levels and resulting growth rates. This ultra-simple, efficient design requires only a scissor to build and requires very little electricity to run. It uses an efficient electromagnetic pump for whisper quiet, inexpensive operation.

Grow your favorite plants from seeds or cuttings in this compact hydroponic garden. This is a perfect system for culinary herbs, spices, as well as flowers, and other smaller plants. It's an ideal project garden for students and teachers. Or use it to grow hydroponically in very small spaces such as small apartments or window ledges where it can use natural light. The possibilities are endless!

Specifications: based on your choice of parts, can be scaled up or down.

27" wide, 12" deep, 11" tall - easily fits in tight spaces, indoors or use it outdoors Grow up to 8 plants spaced 5" apart on center Quiet, low power pump runs intermittently on timer Can be built in an hour

The HydrospringTM is our least expensive design for you to learn and grow with hydroponics. Its small size makes it ideal for beginners and indoor gardening. If you would like to build your own from commonly available parts and supplies, How-To Hydroponics 3rd Edition shows you how step-by-step.

You can modify all How-To Hydroponics designs to include your own ideas and improvements. We'll be happy to answer your questions and help you get started too with free email support.

You'll have fun and save money by doing it yourself. How-To Hydroponics plans are now available in print or Adobe Portable Document Format for quick and convenient download. So you don't even have to walk to the store or wait for the mail!

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(please note - Hydrospring plans are also included in How-To Hydroponics)

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