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Hi Keith, this is Elliot. I just purchased your book How-to Hydroponics. I bought it from Barnes and Noble and read it cover to cover. Great book, great information and awesome DIY designs. I was thinking of making the Aerospring System and was wondering if I could use an LED-Grow light. What are it's advantages and disadvantages? Sorry if LED grow lights aren't your area of expertise. Thought I'd try because they are so energy efficient!!



I've used them with the following results:

60w 7 color LED
2 x 24w T5's

Results clearly favored the T5's measured in terms of overall size and
biomass of the plants grown separately under each light.

$150 LED vs $75 Flourescent

My advice, 250w MH or HPS over an Aerospring size garden and you'll
never wish you bought an LED.


Future Garden Staff