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Single AutoPot Garden

Use these automatic feeding modules
as an extension to your masterpiece
garden, or with your own reservoir.
Modules measure 24" L x 11" W x 8" H

Single AutoPot Garden Kit

Entry level system comes complete
with growing medium, 14 gallon reservoir,
fittings, and a 16 oz. liquid earth nutrient kit.
Sets up in minutes flat, so get ready to grow!
Reservoir measures 18" L x 13.5" W x 13" H

Dual AutoPot Garden Kit $139.95

Our most popular configuration also comes
ready to grow with everything the single
autopot kit includes but adds an additional AutoPot Garden and the required growing medium. This makes for the Perfect setup for a 250W-400W HID lamp when growing indoors

Quad AutoPot Garden Kit

Designed with the serious gardener in mind,
the Quad garden kit is a great way to grow
lots of plants in a carefree fashion. Includes
four modules and a 25 gallon reservoir.
Use with a 250-400W lamp if growing indoors.

Ten AutoPot Garden Kit

We call this one the "Family Farm" since it will
feed your family and your favorite neighbors
too. Comes ready to grow, everything included.
25 gallon reservoir is 18" wide and 20" tall


The AutoPots®Are Here

Introducing the AutoPot

These brilliantly designed container gardens have the 'smarts' to automatically water and feed your plants on demand; without expensive pumps, complicated timers, or the cost electricity.

Self Watering and Feeding

These gardens revolve around the patented AutoPot tray and AQUAvalve combination so you'll never have to hand water or manually fertilize your plants again. Each AutoPot we sell kit comes with a generously-sized reservoir that keeps plants growing for weeks between refills. And, there are no electrical pumps or timers required!

Here's How it Works

Each AutoPot module has its own AQUAvalve that automatically waters plants on demand when attached to a reservoir (required). In doing so, AuotPot technology simulate nature's own rainfall cycle with the added benefit of putting the plant in control rather than the weather. Since the AutoPot modules only provide water when necessary, the resulting wet/dry cycle promotes healthy root development with high levels of oxygen in the root zone.

Grow Almost Anything Anywhere

Since AutoPots are completely portable you can grow a thriving vegetable, herb, or flower garden on your balcony, deck, or rooftop. You can even grow indoors next to a sunny window, or under one of our many grow lights. You can also grow anything from salad greens and kitchen herbs, to all sorts of flowers and fruits, including tomatos and cucumbers (our favorites), and even watermelons if you have the space! The AutoPot trays you'll find here will support splants that grow up to 3 or 4 ft tall on their own. Plants that will grow larger should be supported from above with vine lines as in the case of greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes.

Hydroponic, Organic or Soil Use

Our AutoPot kits come complete with everything needed for hydroponic use and utilize an inert and sterile blend of Ultrapeat coconut coir and Aerolite super coarse horticultural perlite as a substrate. You may also choose to grow organically with your favorite soil mix and use plain water or diluted nutrient in your reservoir. The AutoPot gardens are also sold separately so you can expand your system, or, make your own master garden layout. The AutoPot modules measure exactly 11" wide by 24" long with a height of 10" to the top of the pots.

Greenhouse Proven

The patented AutoPot modules have been successfully used by commercial greenhouses throughout the world, While the gravity feed reservoirs work well for systems with up to 20 trays, larger installations will benefit by using an automatic nutrient doser and pump to provide the required feedline pressure. If you are interested in such an installation, please Contact Us.

Easily Expanded

Whether you start with a single or ten module system, expanding your garden to grow more plants is easy. All you need to do is splice in a few more AutoPot planters and, voila! Just remember, the more modules you feed, and the bigger the plants, the more frequently you will have to refill the reservoir. We've found 1 brick of Ultrapeat Coir and 1 4 Qt. bag of Aerolite will fill about (4) 10" AutoPot trays.

How does it work?

Autopot Layout Ideas

Autopot Photos & Customer Comments

View A Video Demo

AutoPots kits come complete with everything you need except water and seeds. Shown here is the kit which includes the best performing nutrient, liquid earth, Ultrapeat, Aerolite, and full color instruction guide which makes getting started a snap The world's most exotic and expensive herb, Saffron (Crocus Sativus Linneaus), as it opens its first flower from which the brightly colored pistils will be hand picked for their exotic coloring, flavor and aroma.

AQUAvalve  $24.95

At the foundation of the AutoPot systems lies the patented, self-watering AQUAvalve (2) ten inch pots and a 12x24" tray AutoPot modules may be purchased seperately to expand your garden or to build your own.