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How-To Hydroponics, 4th edition, has been completely revised to share with you the incredible benefits of hydroponic gardening in a hands-on, easy to follow format that anyone can understand. Hydroponics is healthy, safe and fun for the whole family, as a hobby, or means of additional income. Learn Hands-On At Your Own Pace Which plants to grow, how to start from seeds and how to take cuttings to preserve, and propagate your favorite plants. Learn what makes plants grow and how to create the perfect garden environment indoors and out, even how to grow year round! How-To Hydroponics can help anyone overcome a brown thumb! Step-By-Step Plans And Photographs Learn to build and operate eight types of hydroponic systems from inexpensive materials and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars doing so. How-To Hydroponics covers everything from practical theory to hands-on applications and includes everything you need to know to start growing with this exciting technology today! The Latest Tips, Techniques & Technology How-To Hydroponics, 4th edition, has been completely revised which means more of the latest tips, techniques and technology including Aeroponics, which takes hydroponics to the next level to achieve even greater results from your hydroponic gardening efforts!
How To Hydroponics, 4th Edition, is the latest edition (11/2011) in this best selling series by Keith Roberto. Completely revised and expanded, the latest How-To Hydroponics is the do-it-yourselfer's dream guide to getting started with hydroponics and aeroponic gardening.

Revised and expanded to include one-hundred full-sized pages of text, illustrations and crystal-clear photographs, How-To Hydroponics shows readers in an easy to follow, step-by-step fashion, how to design, build and operate their own hydroponics and aeroponics systems which can be readily made from inexpensive parts.

Numerous chapters are devoted to the science and applications of hydroponics which clearly communicate how plants function and flourish indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse, while the author's easy to follow style makes learning fun.

In the Do-It Yourself section, 3 brand new garden designs have been added to the list which now includes;

  • The famous Hydroponic planter/bubbler system
  • New - Lettuce raft system
  • Newly improved - and now famous - Aerospring Aeroponic System
  • Hybrid hydroponic/aeroponic systems in 4", 5" & 6" PVC like those from General Hydroponics and Futuregarden
  • Completely automatic, gravity fed systems suitable for growing larger and longer-term plants using the famous Autopot modules.
  • Bonus content in this latest edition includes a section on how to use Aeroponic fogging hydroponic foggers to retrofit one of the included garden designs or make your own hydroponic fogger garden.
Each of the systems you'll learn to build are fully capable of growing all your favorite foods, flowers, herbs and spices and the 4th edition includes more ideas for small space indoor gardens too.

How To Hydroponics, 4th Edition is an in depth guide that contains every ounce of knowledge you will need to be successful with hydroponics, there's even a full chapter on how to make a market for your garden for those who wish to carve out their own slice of a very lucrative gourmet marketplace.

Hardcopy is 108 pages, color covers, b&w text
Acrobat version is full color, printable, searchable and electronically indexed for ease of navigation.

ISBN - 0-9672026-1-2
Revised Nov, 2011
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