Easy 2 Grow 47Ltr. Autopot Package

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Easy 2 Grow Autopot Package with 47 Ltr. Reservoir, Growing Medium Liquid Earth nutrients

Easy 2 Grow Autopot Package with 47 Ltr. Reservoir, Growing Medium Liquid Earth nutrients

Look 'Ma, No pumps, timers or wires!
That's right, the patented Autopot systems use gravity and the ingenious Aquavalve to deliver just the right amount of food and water to plants without any of the hassles of pump driven hydroponics - but with all the benefits. The Autopot modules each feed (2) 10" growing pots that use a proven combination of Ultrapeat coco-coir and Aerolite coarse horticultural perlite to provide the perfect balance of air and water in the root zone. When combined with the Smartvalve's patented wet dry-cycle that mimics mother nature's natural rainfall cycle, your favorite plants will grow like never before.

Perfect for long term food crops, flowers, herbs and greens, the Autopot cares for your plants so you don't have to. Generous reservoirs provide weeks of feeding and since they feed from below with no re-circulation, pH and nutrient concentration swings are a thing of the past - not to mention when growing with the Autopot you can reduce nutrient concentration by up to 25% saving you money in the long run.

Infinetely expandable
Additional Autopot gardens can be added at will to expand your growing area to any size. With an optional Fertigator, you can feed up to 500 Autopot gardens and never have to measure nutrients or fill reservoirs again!

The Single Autopot Kit Includes:

  • (1) Autopot module (2 10" pots)
  • (1) 47 ltr. reservoir (can feed a total of 4 modules)
  • (1) 16oz. liquid earth starter kit (Vigor, Grow & Bloom)
  • (1) Ultrapeat coco-coir brick
  • (1) 4qt. bag of Aerolite coarse horticultural perlite
  • Tubing, root control mats and instructions

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