Fluorescent Grow Light
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spider mite, whitefly and mold problems.
Fluorescent Grow Light
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hydroponics makes fluorescent gardening more rewarding
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Using a Fluorescent Grow Light system can help grow nearly twice as much—in half the space of a soil garden—with picture-perfect results. Romain Lettuce in Green Machine 20
aeroponics systems and fluorescent hydroponics plans

Looking for the correct fluorescent grow light solution? Since hydroponic plants have access to unlimited nutrition and water, they can grow up to ten times faster and healthier than soil grown counterparts. The rapid growth and incredible quality of hydroponically grown plants and produce is resulting in many commercial, as well as hobby growers to use fluorescent grow light solutions in their greenhouses and fluorescent gardens. Futuregarden caters to the fluorescent grow light enthusiast and the commercial grower with a wide range of fluorescent grow light systems, supplies and fluorescent grow lights for year-round gardening pleasure.

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