1 Gal. Liquid Earth Grow

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High performance through natural balance
liquid earth (formerly Above & Beyond) is a superior nutrient system, with exclusive BioDelivery(tm) formulas that replicate the natural balance of nutrients found only in complex native soils.

GROW - promotes vigorous growth. Grow is the liquid earth component that promotes the growth of root, frame and foliage. Grow is used with Vigor to feed young and maturing plants, or used alone for seedlings and cuttings.

A special blend of macro, minor and micronutrients in Grow help plants build a large reserve of carbohydrates, enabling them to sustain lush vegetative growth and prepare for reproduction. Grow employs multiple sources for each raw element and powerful chelates that provide balanced feeding levels over the widest pH range. Additional pH buffers help to maintain steady levels throughout growing cycles.

Our exclusive BioDelivery(tm) formulas further enhance Grow's performance by imparting a multitude of trace elements and minerals derived from the most fertile organic soils. Studies have shown these complex nutrients significantly invigorate plant growth.

liquid earth contains no artificial coloring or preservatives. The potency of liquid earth is preserved only by isolating active ingredients in Vigor, Grow and Bloom.

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